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Reporters Asia
We Help You Hit The Ground Running

Reporters Asia

We Help You Hit The Ground Running



Reporters Asia is a production company that helps foreign journalists plan, prepare and execute stories across the world's most populous continent.

With close to a decade of experience in Asia, and a team that stretches from Beijing to Delhi to Phnom Penh, we advise clients on storytelling and narrative development, approaching local sources, and, importantly, staying on budget.

We also arrange and vet fixers, translators and photographers so you can concentrate on reporting and telling stories instead of logistics. Working with us is easy, efficient and maximizes your time on the ground.  


Strategic + Tactical Support = Success

We help our clients in two phases: pre-reporting and post-reporting.


We understand Asia’s cultural, political and linguistic differences. Our strategic and tactical support is customized to help our clients maximize their reporting time in country. We start with tailored pre-reporting country and region briefs to familiarize reporters with the environment. We follow that up with a full suite of production assistance, including vetting and hiring fixers, drivers, photographers, videographers, and translators. We can also help arrange visas and optimize travel itineraries.


Great reporting requires great storytelling support. Our services include narrative development, in-depth database reporting and data scraping, and culturally specific fact-checking and editing services.


"I worked with journalist Adam Matthews in 2014 on a story about how the company that makes Major League Baseball's caps, New Era, sourced its material. Adam tracked shipping records that revealed which countries supplied New Era with hats. He knew how to interpret the records, was familiar with the factories and had a hunch, which turned out be right, they were guilty of labor and environmental abuses.  Adam understands the manufacturing process. I would turn to Adam again when working on a US importing story." 

-Josh Kosman

New York Post business reporter and author of Portfolio book "The Buyout of America

"Reporters Asia founder Adam Matthews understands how to cultivate, develop and interview expert sources. He's also an ace when it comes to untangling the complex web of international supply chains. His 11th hour efforts resuscitated a year-long project and enabled us to air an extremely important story on the PBS NewsHour."

Justin Kenny

Owner, Small Footprint FIlms/ Peabody and Emmy Award Winner